Saturday, 30 October 2010

im back...and i've got lots to share....

Well it has been ages since I last posted.....months and months in fact ....and these are the reasons why!

1: new  job

2: we bought our first house!

3: and many many other things...............

Firstly I got a job in the Police and I have to say that I absolutely love it....there has been lots to learn and lots to do in my little sleepy new forest town let me tell you!

im in here somewhere......

Secondly me and James bought our first house.yipeeeeeeeeeee...and we love it....i have a whole room dedicated to nelli D and James got the garage he desparately all is good.

Anyway apart from the usual decorating and chores to be done in the house (the boring stuff) we decided we needed some new additions....

Introducing.......WHTNEY and PEARL...

Whitney came to me via a chance encounter with a lady at work who had hurt her leg and couldn't  deliver cat food for a charity...we got talking and I offered to deliver it for her....thats when I met Jayne of Pound puppies in Poole, who single handedly runs an animal charity for animals that are abandoned in Ireland, they  get 5 days in the pound in Ireland before they are Jayne brings them back....and rehomes them, needless to say I couldn't resist ending up with one or two cats! (she also has dogs, and rabbits, but our house is not a tardis (or so i am told) ha ha

Jayne relies completely on donations and fundraises and puts on events even though she herself is heavily disabled...She  also happens to be hysterical and when I visit I am there for hours rolling around on the floor with laughter.....

now here is the plea....All animals are neutered and vacinated before they leave Jayne....and tested with other dogs children and me her house looks like a kennel and they absolutely love her.

If you could give an animal a home and are thinking about a pet please please take a look at her website:

Pound Puppies 

Introducing Whitney....a black and sporadic white cat (she has a sprinkling of white hairs in her ears)

Here she is with her brother and 2 sisters! (i had to decide between them ! horrible)

Watching over them....the little ginger one was too little to leave Jayne and I am too impatient to wait!
So Whitty came home with me...and she is the most loyal and loving cat I  have ever known...she follows me to work, waits for me on the wall and even comes on dog walks with me.

Whitty ended up in my handbag...the very first time she followed me....I hadn't noticed her behind me and thankgod I missed her crossing the main.... she ended lead round her neck and stuffed in my bag..complete with tennis balls and poo bags! (it hasn't stopped her though! damn it! not content with one...we got another.....PEARL

Who is the devil in a white coat, quite literally....very very cute...but very very can mostly find Pearl...with her the dog bowl, in the bin....or on the kitchen work surface : (  looking for food......! Apparently..this is quite normal said the vet and very typical of a rescue cat! (great)

 Poor dotty....strawberries and cream is her favourite too!



Notice how the lovely leather sofa is completely covered....opps

 Well must dash...lots and lots to do..but don't worry the shop is still ongoing..I have a huge party on 13th of November that I am very excited about...which has taken up lots of my making time.(union jack bags are back on the agenda..and bags that have wearable jewellery pieces attatched ...but there will be lots of new additions ready for xmas.......whats that ? you want a sneak peek?

Go- on then!