Friday, 27 November 2009

my first student!

One blustery and cold night I had a visitor...her name was Sophie...'I want a union jack bag she said'...'Do you now...well make it yourself!'...'so she did, with a little help from me!

After having a good old rummage amongst my fabric stash (which I might add, takes a while) she pulled out some fabric that she liked and away we went.

I showed her the very basics of fabric cutting and pattern making, we cut out the fabric, found some lovely corresponding purple ribbon.  A quick lesson on the sewing machine was needed but Sophie had learnt the basics at school and was not as rusty as she first thought!!

Now for someone who will admit she doesn't try new things....Sophie got stuck in, with sewing..and it wasn't the easiest parts either..she went straight into the main feature of the bag..the union jack.....with very nice results.  Now it was time for the handles..we pressed pinned and then sewed..ta da handles

Time had flewn and it was already 10.30pm and Soph had to work the next off she went...very pleased with her first sewing session..

......and the bag..yep...I finished it off for her the next day..!

Well done domination!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Presenting earrings and hairpins!...

I'm am so excited and pleased about my latest packaging ideas for my earrings and hairpins that I thought I should share them with you.

< The weekend started well with the delivery of my new moo stickers (which I put on all of my packaging) so I was itching to use them...

Then I had to complete the orders from my jewellery party.... I had  quite a few orders for hairpins and earrings.  Once made I popped them into organza bags and then into my usual boxes, but I kept coming back to something was niggling at me! The presentation just wasnt working..they looked naff and I like a polished look....(little bit of OCD methinks) off to the studio I went...

Out came my stash of card and punches and away I went...not forgetting my moo stickers! So simple and easy to do. and here they are...even my rings got a look in...

I am dead chuffed with them..and I can't wait to hand them over to their new owners!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

My first jewellery party!

I had my very first jewellery party on thursday night..and it was a brilliant success.

It took me all day to organise as I was running around like a headless chicken...I didn't know what to bring and I wanted to cater for lots of different tastes.

Previous to nelliD2 I had nelliD, where I sold original paintings and homeware items..such as the rose ribbon box frames that you can see in the pictures. So I took these along with me, the rest belongs to the nellid2 collection- resin jewellery, and handbags and beaded jewellery., some of it, well quite a lot hasn't made it to my online shops yet..

Anyway thanks to the lovely Sophie and her mum Mary I had a whole dining room table to set up on ...and I think you will agree the table looked stuffed and very colourful...I was very pleased.



Once again...a big thankyou to Sophie and her lovely mum the mince pies were fab! x

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Birthday boy! Not on the highstreet!

Hi all I thought I would share with you the wonderful gifts that I had made for my lovely other half for his he is a simple chap...(not in the thick way) but he likes what he likes and not much more....this includes cars and dogs ! so he is a little difficult to buy for.

Anyway earlier on in the year I had decided to take the handmade pledge..which isn't difficult when there is so much talent bursting out of folksy and from then on I only buy pressies from fellow folksters or crafters.

So I spent much time deliberating what I could get James bearing his 2 loves in mind..when I came across Sara Carr  who makes the most amazing knitted creations!

I came across this delightful cusion, but James has an adverse effect with cusions and cant see the point, I am the opposite and I have them everywhere I love them...he counted them one day and I have 24 on the bed...for decorative purposes!!!

So a cushion was out of the question...but the dog design was just perfect I just love it and knew James would.   So I asked Sara if she would make me a scarf..complete with the dog design...she agreed and we talked colours (at this point I was so excited)  James loves all things brown, which stemmed from a brown Nova salloon which was the cover feature of retro rides last year...see piccie

Oh and I just have to add this picture in of my lovely nephew Oliver completely bushed after a long and interesting read!

So the colours had to be brown, ! So off Sara went super speedy and made me this, just brilliant and I knew James would love it.

and here he is!

It came beautifully packaged and the quality is exquisite!

Well done Sara..I will be back for some cushions..........he he !

.....James is also partial to a tree or 2!....