Friday, 27 November 2009

my first student!

One blustery and cold night I had a visitor...her name was Sophie...'I want a union jack bag she said'...'Do you now...well make it yourself!'...'so she did, with a little help from me!

After having a good old rummage amongst my fabric stash (which I might add, takes a while) she pulled out some fabric that she liked and away we went.

I showed her the very basics of fabric cutting and pattern making, we cut out the fabric, found some lovely corresponding purple ribbon.  A quick lesson on the sewing machine was needed but Sophie had learnt the basics at school and was not as rusty as she first thought!!

Now for someone who will admit she doesn't try new things....Sophie got stuck in, with sewing..and it wasn't the easiest parts either..she went straight into the main feature of the bag..the union jack.....with very nice results.  Now it was time for the handles..we pressed pinned and then sewed..ta da handles

Time had flewn and it was already 10.30pm and Soph had to work the next off she went...very pleased with her first sewing session..

......and the bag..yep...I finished it off for her the next day..!

Well done domination!


  1. Looks great! Well done Sophie! Well done to you, too! x

  2. That looks fab! Well done!
    Maddi(Makes) xxx

  3. Arghh thanks guys..she was very pleased with it x