Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Make Jewellery Magazine feature

Today I have a big fat smile on my face....because the postie just delivered issue 11 of Make Jewellery to me....and it features my resin jewellery...cue---dancing around the house!!

I am so chuffed with how it has turned out that I thought I would share it with you all!!....

A couple of months ago I was asked by Lorraine the editor of Make Jewellery (on sale in all major stockists by the way) if I would like to submit 3 resin tutorials of varying degrees of difficulties....and I jumped at the I set about planning the tutorials and sent off the items to be photographed....and that was that...until today.!

The tutorials explain how to create my layered resin brooches, necklaces and charm bracelets.



This is definately going on the loo wall once I get one (a loo and a wall that is) ......

The magazine also features Laura of SheDraws and her fabulous jewellery ... see above..Telephone necklace

and naturally...the goodies for sale can be found in my shops...folksy, etsy and




Monday, 25 January 2010

A very Special Tribute

A twist of fate bought me to Holly Shaw...I was trailling through the mountains of blogs that there are on the web....when I stopped to read Holly's ... mainly because I liked the title! and I wanted to find out more.

this is what she wrote:

Hopefully this will raise awareness of transplantation and organ donation but no doubt I will end up waffling on about about friends, family and shopping (hence the tantrums and tiaras bit). I hope this gives you an insight into life after a transplant and wherever that may take me... (Hopefully to lots of shops!)

I read Holly's humbling story with admiration...having had a kidney transplant in 2008, Holly has dedicated her life to grasping life with both hands and working towards her dreams and achieving I read on.

Holly's mission is to raise awareness of the importance of  organ donation and she dedicates her time to doing just that...fundraising and generally doing crazy things like ....abseiling down the 100ft Leasowe Lighthouse! and meeting Ben Shepherd!!! (showbiz)

Along Holly's journey  she made many friends, one friend was Jessica Wales.  Jessica had been waiting for a double lung transplant for 4 1/2 years and received her transplant a couple of weeks ago...however her body was just not strong enough to cope with the trauma of the operation and sadly Jessica died on the 12th January 2010.

Holly and Jess had remained great friends and supported each other throughout their transplant journeys and both girls felt very strongly about being advocates for their charities...working tirelessly even when they were both very ill...

it was Holly's wish that she could pay tribute to her friend in someway.....


and this is what I helped her with...I only hope I have done Jessica proud.


and if you would like to read more about organ donation and join the national register...visit the site here where you can quickly and easily sign up


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

little list of jobs

I just had one of those days when my little list of jobs actually got completed! and these little beauties were on my list!

I am constantly trying to come you with new colours and techniques and I really really pleased with my new bubble gum pink colour...take a closer look..


I also managed to get some earrings made!

yellow hot air balloons
buy me here! 

Lilac gingerbread ladies

Bubblegum stars

Strawberry milkshake ..I love U!

and finally....

sickly sweet, candy skulls

My little roll didn't stop there...I also made some i'm late i'm late brooches...
 .....and if thats not enough for you my lovelies, I also made this little beauty...I had said to myself that I would try and combine my jewellery with my bags and this is my latest creation.. it has a detachable brooch so you get 2 for the price of 1..BARGAIN!


.as you can see the brooch detaches to reveal a lovely silk bow...

and of course lined with lace!

and finally.... a charm bracelet:

inspired by a romantic weekend other half likes to spoil me with these bless him...I am very lucky...

The bracelet portrays a trip to the Eiffel tower, walks in the park, a spot of tea...a visit to a Couture house, and lots of love...

What more could a girl wish for!! and it would make a great valentines gift Gents!!

Well that was that for my little list of jobs, ! I have more lists to crack on with so by for now x 

Please remember all these items are for sale in my etsy shop also.. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What a wonderful week I have had

WOOOO weeee I have just recieved my very first blog award from the lovely Cinnamon Jewellery...(fab jewellery here so pop along and have a gander)

The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity &; creativity inspires others in the blog world.
 Blush blush I feel soo honoured thanks again Cinnamon

The rules for accepting the Sunshine award ~

Put the logo on your blog or within your post ~

Pass the award onto 12 bloggers ~
Link the nominees within your post ~

Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

So to follow on the trend here are my nominees for a sunshine award,

Firstly: Joe Hurry Creations, for having a very intriguing blog..that even made the OH, stop what he was doing and have a read visit Joes blog here: ( a great read, and a fab name)

MrsGknits (for beautiful stunning knits,and for being lovely) (now this bloke shouldn't really get an award but it has to be seen to be believed!) (because I love food!)

garden divas ( a young lady who together with her mum has turned an idea into a business!..well done Katy)

l (a truly inspirational young lady, trying her best to make it) ( heartrendering and humbling, a must read)

helenrawlinson  (an interesting read)

shedraws( Laura from Shedraws has been an inspiration to me from the start of my shop and continues to offer support to me even when she has her own work to do )

as if my sunshine award wasn't enough I recieved Monty today!and he is truly brilliant!

Monty had been specially made for me, due mostly because of my patriotic nature...I can safely he fits the bill brilliantly:

TA DA...isn't he great, and to make sure Monty settles into his new home, he arrived safely packaged in a breathable box with his very own Kitty litter!( care instructions, cat bell incase he gets lost and tag) Marvelous!

But what is truly brilliant with Monty is the acute attention detail...have a look at what I mean....

All I can say is : GENIUS!

If you would like a 'Monty' or similar...then you will have to visit the home of GEnIuS....

You will have to be quick though these babies are hot and don't hang around long!

and if that wasn't enough....yes there is more...It happened to be my bday 2 weeks ago and in with Monty came a lovely bday pressie which I adore!

I have never had such a lovely sketchbook before and I have had loads..this people is a treasured love love it...look at the detail!


I honestly have never recieved a more beautifully packaged item before...folksy folk are just so thoughtful, I love handmade...its the best ....thankyou x

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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hello 2010!

Wow didn't that year go fast..well lets not dwell, so whats new for 2010 !

Well there are soooo many exciting things I have up my sleave its weighing me down;  so for now we will start with my love of facial hair!  only kidding, but I do love the crafty versions...

People come up with the most weird and wonderful things... I just love it..and in true crafting style I have created my very own hair related crafty goody!

Meet the TASHLEY bag (the other half thought of the rather corny, but brilliant name)

This rather spiffing black moustache is appliqued onto some gorgeous grey wool, lined of course ,with a girly pink lining! (in wool)

A definite party starter!

buy the Tashley bag here!

(customiseable too, if you prefer a different colour style...get messaging me!)

 Currently under construction:  the Colonel Mustard clutch...complete with handlebars! oh yes this one is a BEAUTY!...

and as always I love comments..and inpspiration! so please I would love to know what you think??

.....thats not all folks,but you will have to wait a little longer to see some more goodies for 2010...I am shortly going to be having my first giveaway, and the union jack totes are making a comeback!

but before I go here are some other facial hair finds!

The first from Wife of Brian (a whole shop dedicated to facial hair goodies,and the name is cracking)

For more facial hair goodness:       Visit Wife of Brian

And for those of us who are under suspision or don't want to be..another folkster Lupin has some equally brilliant disguises!

This ginger inspired moustache can be found here :Lupin handmade

and for those of us who want to be a little subtler about things/or not then check out this designer...Nell (what a lovely name byt he way!)

Brilliant, think that would look good on my future bathroom wall..hmmmm
anyway stop shopping! 

If like me you want to purchase the above print you can visit nell here-she also does some other lovely things,

So comon everyone put down those Razors and get embrasing that facial hair!  it can be fun x