Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hello 2010!

Wow didn't that year go fast..well lets not dwell, so whats new for 2010 !

Well there are soooo many exciting things I have up my sleave its weighing me down;  so for now we will start with my love of facial hair!  only kidding, but I do love the crafty versions...

People come up with the most weird and wonderful things... I just love it..and in true crafting style I have created my very own hair related crafty goody!

Meet the TASHLEY bag (the other half thought of the rather corny, but brilliant name)

This rather spiffing black moustache is appliqued onto some gorgeous grey wool, lined of course ,with a girly pink lining! (in wool)

A definite party starter!

buy the Tashley bag here!

(customiseable too, if you prefer a different colour style...get messaging me!)

 Currently under construction:  the Colonel Mustard clutch...complete with handlebars! oh yes this one is a BEAUTY!...

and as always I love comments..and inpspiration! so please I would love to know what you think??

.....thats not all folks,but you will have to wait a little longer to see some more goodies for 2010...I am shortly going to be having my first giveaway, and the union jack totes are making a comeback!

but before I go here are some other facial hair finds!

The first from Wife of Brian (a whole shop dedicated to facial hair goodies,and the name is cracking)

For more facial hair goodness:       Visit Wife of Brian

And for those of us who are under suspision or don't want to be..another folkster Lupin has some equally brilliant disguises!

This ginger inspired moustache can be found here :Lupin handmade

and for those of us who want to be a little subtler about things/or not then check out this designer...Nell (what a lovely name byt he way!)

Brilliant, think that would look good on my future bathroom wall..hmmmm
anyway stop shopping! 

If like me you want to purchase the above print you can visit nell here-she also does some other lovely things,

So comon everyone put down those Razors and get embrasing that facial hair!  it can be fun x


  1. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!!!! I love the Tashly, it's just perfect if you're a little shy like me - instead of wearing a bag over my head I could just pop one in front of me! xx

  2. ingenius name for your new addition! LOVE IT! ;o)

    Happy New Year lovely! Hope 2010 fulfills all your expectations.

    Pop over to my new blog home and say hi!

    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Hi Danni!
    I've given you a Sunshine blog award! See my blog for details ~
    Tracy x