Monday, 25 January 2010

A very Special Tribute

A twist of fate bought me to Holly Shaw...I was trailling through the mountains of blogs that there are on the web....when I stopped to read Holly's ... mainly because I liked the title! and I wanted to find out more.

this is what she wrote:

Hopefully this will raise awareness of transplantation and organ donation but no doubt I will end up waffling on about about friends, family and shopping (hence the tantrums and tiaras bit). I hope this gives you an insight into life after a transplant and wherever that may take me... (Hopefully to lots of shops!)

I read Holly's humbling story with admiration...having had a kidney transplant in 2008, Holly has dedicated her life to grasping life with both hands and working towards her dreams and achieving I read on.

Holly's mission is to raise awareness of the importance of  organ donation and she dedicates her time to doing just that...fundraising and generally doing crazy things like ....abseiling down the 100ft Leasowe Lighthouse! and meeting Ben Shepherd!!! (showbiz)

Along Holly's journey  she made many friends, one friend was Jessica Wales.  Jessica had been waiting for a double lung transplant for 4 1/2 years and received her transplant a couple of weeks ago...however her body was just not strong enough to cope with the trauma of the operation and sadly Jessica died on the 12th January 2010.

Holly and Jess had remained great friends and supported each other throughout their transplant journeys and both girls felt very strongly about being advocates for their charities...working tirelessly even when they were both very ill...

it was Holly's wish that she could pay tribute to her friend in someway.....


and this is what I helped her with...I only hope I have done Jessica proud.


and if you would like to read more about organ donation and join the national register...visit the site here where you can quickly and easily sign up



  1. Very humbling, beautiful work x

  2. Thank you for crediting me on my photo :) Love the jewelry! You are very talented! Holly X

  3. Love them, I really do. Im a friend of Hollys and Jess's and thought it was a great idea when she said she was getting these done.

    I thought you might enjoy this and it might even further your personalisation section of jewlery making:

    If ur interested, im a photographer and could supply images to get you started if you wanted? Im there, ask hols if you want to get in touch :-)

  4. Thanks to everyone who has commented appreciate the feedback x