Thursday, 5 November 2009

Birthday boy! Not on the highstreet!

Hi all I thought I would share with you the wonderful gifts that I had made for my lovely other half for his he is a simple chap...(not in the thick way) but he likes what he likes and not much more....this includes cars and dogs ! so he is a little difficult to buy for.

Anyway earlier on in the year I had decided to take the handmade pledge..which isn't difficult when there is so much talent bursting out of folksy and from then on I only buy pressies from fellow folksters or crafters.

So I spent much time deliberating what I could get James bearing his 2 loves in mind..when I came across Sara Carr  who makes the most amazing knitted creations!

I came across this delightful cusion, but James has an adverse effect with cusions and cant see the point, I am the opposite and I have them everywhere I love them...he counted them one day and I have 24 on the bed...for decorative purposes!!!

So a cushion was out of the question...but the dog design was just perfect I just love it and knew James would.   So I asked Sara if she would make me a scarf..complete with the dog design...she agreed and we talked colours (at this point I was so excited)  James loves all things brown, which stemmed from a brown Nova salloon which was the cover feature of retro rides last year...see piccie

Oh and I just have to add this picture in of my lovely nephew Oliver completely bushed after a long and interesting read!

So the colours had to be brown, ! So off Sara went super speedy and made me this, just brilliant and I knew James would love it.

and here he is!

It came beautifully packaged and the quality is exquisite!

Well done Sara..I will be back for some cushions..........he he !

.....James is also partial to a tree or 2!....

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