Wednesday, 26 August 2009

...a new bag

So....I sold it (the red union jack bag, incase you are wondering), almost half wishing I didn't and my bank balance jumping for joy. My favourite bag has gone to a lovely lady called Helena in Brazil ! (Via Etsy)

So Helena, who said it was love at first site, my fav bag is winging its way to you as we type....

.....................So in true crafting spirit, and after having a lift because I had sold something...I got on and made another...not the same...that is not my style but similar, just with a very green here we go, as usual I would love your comments please ....over and out!

and of course if you can view it on folksy....

Thankyou for looking, have a good day and of course comments are highly welcome xx


  1. Ooo i love it!

    And how cute is your blog background?!!

  2. Arghh thankyou would like to say I did it all by myself but that would be a complete lie...! it works well though methinks, xx

  3. Danni, I'm here! Your (now mine!) bag has crossed the ocean, it got to me yesterday! Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!