Tuesday, 29 September 2009

How bizzarre!

Hi all, I just had to put this in a document thingy..it should be kept in some sort of archival manner....so the other half is looking for a car at the mo, and the most obvious place to go it of course flea bay (as I like to call it) any way he calls me over after spending hours trawling through listings and getting no where.!! He notes my boredom and says ...have a look at this...this will make you chuckle...he was right...and I believe it warrants a blogg...

So this is the advert for the car,

Mighty Grey ! BMW525 tds se touring estate car 1994 model Turbo/Diesel This huge battleship is up for grabs ! Lots of good points and some bad ones. It's a 5door estate so lots of room , central locking ,electric windows, electric twin sunroof ,alloy wheels, she was purchased off ebay with no mot or tax 3 months ago ,it cost over £500 pounds to get through its mot. Its had to have front vented brake discs and front brake pads,major welding to its underside and sill repairs,top end overhaul, but interior is clean for the year . Its fitted with a towbar,its got tinted glass all round and a cd player fitted, its good points are it now has 9 months mot left and im hoping i can find it a new home. Now for some not so good points turbo charger has stopped working and garage has told me it needs a new actuator for the turbo,paint work is looking tired in places although it is metallic,there is a bad section of surface ruston n/s rear quarter panel and a dent on n/s front wing ,1x front headlamp looking chatty on inside,bonnet has lots of stone chips, its got lots of receipts but no real service history. Four decent tyres too. If you need any more details on the BMW please give my mechanic a call on 07836201153 and he can tell you all you need to know or you can email me , It is what it is : an extremely well built and durable car and would give someone at least 9 months motoring so I've started the auction price appropriately. Best of luck , viewing is recommended as pictures make the beast look sexier than she is,please no more requests to part ex wolf wings or baby hamishes as i have no facilities for either. I have started the auction low so some one can grab a bargain please only bid if you wish to buy

I love this blokes honesty and if that wasn't good enough it gets better!.....

Pay particular attention to the question and answer at the bottom of the listing...this guy should write a book!

Q: would u be interested in a px with my 1954 whale wookie with twin vole drive and bunter 4shaft converter,it partook in the1989 speed trials at crantock and was driven by harold trubshaw and timothy clythorpe the 3rd it placed 2nd in this race,there is a massive folder of bills and i will also throw in some nuts ? 27-Sep-09

A: wow it was beleived by the wookshon club of dunstar that only 3 versions of the wookie existed & now yours comes 2 light,do u have any more info ??is it the gnome tailed version with bunter drive or the sprint conversion with its magnificent 13ft rear fin??isit painted in royal oak funnel or the misty dew blue??does it have history u know of?? ie documentation by designers (sir ralph wookall,cecil nugent whale,the late great gunter allcock addler??? who sadley passed away whilst working on his beloved vehicle {wookacilin}i look forward 2 hearing from u and am very intersested in the vehicle and the nuts what flavour r they ????? kind regards lord appletree good bike

So after spending a good few minutes in stitches and begging the other half to buy the 'mighty grey' I have decided that in honour of this anoymous ebayer (as I dont think the mighty grey will be ours : ( I am going to name my future makes upon the characters and names within the advert! I think that is apt!....so watch this space for future Whale Wookie's and Cecil nugents! havent decided upon the nuts yet!

Good day!

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  1. Lol!!! very funny, a chuckle to start my day. One of my most used phrases 'people are funny'!xx