Saturday, 3 October 2009

The trouble with display units!

...Displaying jewellery is, I have decided one of the most time consuming, and headache worthy tasks. But I think I may have cracked it. I wanted to display my jewellery in a quirky, yet functional way that showed off the jewellery to its maximum potential.

My sister has kindly offered to set up a display at her work for me, so I needed to come up with a very simple yet effective way to display my bits and bobs without it causing a headache for her!......this led to a number of headaches!

For weeks I had pondered the whys and wheres of displaying my wares..looking at buying ready made cases, and coming up with nothing I liked...until!

This beast reared its lovely little head! It cost me £2 at a carboot sale, tucked at the back of a ladies stall, she said uggh I cant give that thing away, we got loads when I bought a consignment of carved ones from india and they threw them in as a freebie..give me 2 quid for it she said...I couldnt of handed over the £2 faster!

So it came home for me....basically it had been painted cream, lets just say it was no Van Gogh who painted it, theyd actually painted the draws shut, leaving the inside a hideous sludgy terracota colour....

So arms deep I sanded the draws and walls back and got to grips painting it a lovely antique cream...

After having painted the cabinet, I was eager to put it all togethera and get it going...however it seems that whoever built it may have had a swift half or 2 before getting to grips with a ruler...the drawers with the extra layers of paint on them...wouldnt go back into place!

Cue electric planer ...sanding off in some cases 5 mill, the drawers went in. What I love is the brilliant charm about the cabinet, everything is off centre skeiff, hilarious but totally me....

It then needed some lovely eclectic handles that aid its I got these tiny 2cm glass handles...

So it was on to the decoration...I lined each drawer with wallpaper and got on will filling it up..I wanted to go for an eclectic theme...things spilling out and peeking through! so here it is...I love it

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What do you all think???

Ha how silly of me, I forgot to share the other display unit with you all what a twit....!

Anyone as mentioned my sister wants to put up a little stand in her staff room for me, which is fab..thanks Charles..

So heres the do I display my wares in a functional, simple way..bless her my sister hasnt a creative bone in her body so it needs to be simple and easy for her to put up....

so I wracked my little brain and found this..I have a little obsession with suitcases it wasn't too much of strain for me to buy it...this one was an old evacuee's suitcase and is well battered..and it had to come home with me...

So it came home with me, and I proudly pronounced the it was my new display case for my jewellery, and got the same reaction I get with many of my ideas..the wide eyed oh god she's lost it look, just smile and nod...and off I went to my summer house, case in tow and I wasn't coming out until it was done!

I had decided that my jewellery is best seen collectively..not that it doesn't look good on its own, but I wanted to give the viewer a feast of colour and choice...and I also wanted to make it user friendly for my sis...pop up and go.

This is what I made...

a pin board..if you were wondering...and in my favourite british theme (of course)

Basically I measured the inside of the case and got my dear old pa to cut some chip board to size for me..then I cut some wadding and fabric to size and stapled it to the really couldn't have been simpler..I did the same thing for the is the back..not my neatest job but who cares!

Here comes the best bit..filling it up!

TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!

and thats that...a very simple user friendly, tamper proof, display case! phew no more headache!


  1. You made it look so cute! I'm jealous and want one =p
    My jewellery is all in a big giant pink and white polka dot box at the moment =p

  2. That looks great! I love giving furniture a new lease of life.

  3. ~Thanks guys check back for the second instalment..which I forgot to blog..whoops, I think you'll like this one better !xx

  4. WOW! They're both fantastic!! I love their quirkyness and cuteness, you've done a fab job, well done! :D Thanks for sharing xx

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